Whisper — Flagship Multi Drivers Balance Armature Earphone

Whisper to you

Nowadays, most brands set their flagship models with more drivers and higher price. In fact, more drivers sometimes making some advantage in the same crossover solution, but that’s not all. The reason we set 5 BA as a flagship model is to let clients to enjoy nature/ peace/ real sound in a reasonable price.
Selected accessories and pre-set premium quality audio cable “Sanity”, you can have very best experience without extra purchase.

More, and better

For most balance armature drivers, frequency band-wide was a huge limitating, so single driver would almost never get fully balanced between dymnical/ band-width and soundstage. But some of audiophiles still prefered BA earphones’ tonal characters, so mutle driver is the way.
We carefully select number of drivers and acoustustic/ eletronic structure, but not simply add on speakers to extend frequency response to making harsh sounding or fake soundstage/ density. In our test, the product ”Whisper” is a very best solution for both us our consumers.

Technical specs:

Driver:5 BA Drivers
Impedance: 25Ω
Sensitive: 120dB@1mW
Frequency Response:10~40KHz
Cable: 1.2M (Customed 16 cords OCC)
Socket Type: 3.5mm stereo plug
Earphone connector: 0.78mm, 2 pins