Jasmine — Carbon nano tube Dynamic Earphone

Jasmine memory in silvery moonlight

Dynamic earphones are much more different type of sounding than other kind of earphones. This product was more different from other product of our brand that with stronger coloration but still highly transparent, and it’s fit for female vocal and some musical instrument playback. With its sound, we can easily imagine the sweet and tender smell of jasmine.

Wider and sweeter

It was a lower pricing but same great performance product of us.

It was a very characterlistic dynamic driver which providing very wide band frequency response but something distortion and harsh tonal, that’s not what we want.But we want to provide a wider band responces earphone with relaxing hearing, we need to conquer this driver.

We try to reduce the tiny vocal by adding some bass, but in a controled quantity, reducing high frequency distortion, but keeping very good extension, these totally making the product with full, rich, wide (soundstage) listening.

Not only providing a sense of “wide”, but also sweet in mid-range performance, especially listen to female vocal.

Technical specs:

Driver:10mm carbon nano tube plate dynamic Driver
Sensitive: 105dB@1mW
Frequency Response:10~40KHz
Cable: 1.2M (Customed 16 cords OCC)
Socket Type: 3.5mm stereo plug
Earphone connector: 0.78mm, 2 pins