Crown — 10mm Micro Planar Magnetic Earphone

Results are encouraging

There are many Planar magnetic driver headphones and earphones, the most tiny sized PM driver was 10mm as we use to made “Crown”. In fact, most PM headphones provide very good sound quality to users, but they’re mostly very to drive that need a powerful amp.

“Crown” was low impedance and low sensitive design, it would provide 2 kinds of sound possibility:

In lower power audio devices: gentle and sweet vocal, fits for pop music

In higher power audio devices: magnificent soundstage with accurate tonal, dynamical and powerful sounding.

We specially design its acoustic structure, make it hearing listening smoother that general open PM headphones but also more neutral sounding than closed back products.

Selected accessories and pre-set premium quality audio cable ”Sanity” (same premium quality adaptor), you can have very best experience without extra purchase.

Technical specs

Driver:10mm Micro Planar Magnatic (PM) Driver
Sensitive: 91dB@1mW
Frequency Response:5~40KHz
Cable: 1.2M (Customed 16 cords OCC)
Socket Type: 2.5mm balance plug(with 3.5mm stereo transfer cable)
Earphone connector: 0.78mm, 2 pins

[Better for MQA source]

MQA format was nowadays most heat audio format rather than DSD, it was a solution which balancing file size and plaback frequency band-width, but, it was actually a kind of lossy audio, so audio devices to listen to MQA is typically important.

If using general headphones to listen to general source will be good, when listen to MQA, the improvemrnt of frequency extention is obvious, but, we can also feel vocal quality is getting worse that vocal was getting harshed and dry.

But, when you use “Crown” to listen MQA source, you will feel it was a great collaboration which providing a neutral hearing due to very good extention of both material, and MQA mid-range performance had gentle and smoothing planar magnetic drivers’ tonal.