In fact, music was a cross-over subject which contains so many elements, so does audio playback. The differentsof era, locolization, population and other environmental and psycal activities making contribute to those differences. When we think of to emotionally making sound good via audio playback devices, it transfer to the study of eletronics, metarials, physics, psychology, industrial design and acoustic. But never we can make ”good sound” gones the same way, we must make some characteristic to face to different tastes. In our product lines, you can find quite different sound for different type of musics and users, but we still can feel same spirit we spread by our products.

We provide global horizon with climax techs and skills, omni passion and oriental taste.Eastern philosophy “zen” was our way to perform, balance everything including art/ skills/ sound/ pricing and all humanity elements to meet consumers.
Different from most of audio companies, we make most sensation from our listening. Once we receive or get sample of different parts, we’ll install to a test model, then we’ll to evaluate if it’s good, after all kinds of test of human ear, we’ll use equipment to confirm our production quality. Before products go to market, we had already confirm products’ sound quality with our friends, including users, medias and distributors. And, we’re to positioning our products and giving a very directly describes, clients can choose the product they want very easily.

Our philosophy:Eclecticism, Reasonable, Tonal leading

Eclecticism: We’re to balance everything for to provide best quality of product with reasonable price, but better sound.

Reasonable: We simplify package and some unneeded accessories such as foam tips (less useful and also harm to sound quality), to reduce both price and waste.

Tonal leading: To provide fine tonal products, means to reduce distortion in audible range, is for better sound quality and better sensation when clients using our products.

Our philosophy

Eclecticism, Reasonable, Tonal leading

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